I need to be owned

It has been said that we see things not as they are, but as we are.

And so it is with my perceptions of what it means to be owned, or more specifically, what I think makes one good… property. (It’s kind of funny the different hang ups I have with certain words and connotations, but that is a separate entry unto itself.)

I’m a girl who wishes she could control everything. It’s why having Bipolar kills me. I can’t control it. I can’t put it in a little box and conform it to my wishes. It can’t even be controlled precisely by medication.

So, when I think of one who is owned, I often think of someone with incredible self-control. (Stay with me here…) Sure, she does whatever it is that she is told to do, but that is my point. It must take incredible control to obey even when one does not want to.

But if it were really that, it would much easier than I’m finding it. I’m being encouraged to let go, and that is something completely foreign to me. Letting go involves emotion, and for the most part, they’re emotions I am not ready to deal with. When they come to the surface they are angry and raw and ugly, and I just want to push them back down. They’re not to be seen, or even felt, for that matter.

But that isn’t completely honest. It isn’t transparent, and transparency is so integral to what we’re doing here.

It’s hard for me to be transparent, because I don’t like what I see when I give more than a passing glance, and I sure as hell don’t want to show all that ugliness to someone else. I’ve always thought it was important to be strong, and part of that strength was always keeping a lid on the darkness that I don’t want to admit. Until I met Mark…


Also, since you already are here  🙂 I put a very comprehensive How-To together, for all the people out there who want to get in domestic discipline…

There are chapters on the lifestyle and introducing it, living life in the lifestyle, a detailed description of tools, and much more… Each chapter contains valuable tips and habits that you can apply to your life. I wrote this book because there are no such books out there (!), and … we have developed our relationship with Domestic Discipline so far, that I now consider myself as an expert 🙂

 … write me you like it !

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2 thoughts on “I need to be owned

  1. Let’s cut to the politically incorrect chase. Spanking wives exists because, unlike boys, girls don’t get too old to spank. This simple fact of life was well understood before the 1970s. To further reinforce this fact of life in those days, young women often weren’t considered to be legal adults until reaching their 21st birthday. Not coincidentally, this just happened to be about the age when most young women married during the same period!

    Since then, although young women are generally considered to be free from their parents’ control upon reaching age 18, and despite the fact that women are getting married in their mid-20s, patterns of behavior established through hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of years of female-male intimacy lurk just beneath the surface of society. After all, those most likely to establish stable relationships were most likely to have children with the same biological dispositions.

    Among the more interesting things I learned growing up was that women are actually more fascinated with spanking than are men. In fact, most of what I leaned about spanking came from the fairer sex!

    Not so long ago, women wondered how a man would spank if sufficiently provoked. Of course, some women tested the waters. As one woman summed it up, getting spanked was one of the best ways to determine a man’s character! Not surprisingly, back when these things were fashionable, women sometimes judged a man on their ability to spank.

    Getting spanked was often part of a three step premarital ritual of intimacy. First was exploration of the other’s body. This is what used to be called petting or making out. Next came spanking. Finally, there was sexual intercourse or going all the way.

    Of course, not every couple went through all three stages. Yet, there was a sufficiently discernible, and almost predictable, pattern to the behavior of couples. For example, I’ve noticed that when a woman is ready to be taken by a man, she will often signal it by lying at least part of her upper body over his lap. Quite often, sexually experienced women will actually assume a classic hips across the man’s lap position as if asking to be spanked! This is understood as an act of submission in most countries around the globe.

    None of this is mere happenstance. It’s merely nature’s way of getting women to spread their legs for a man for the purpose of procreation. Nature is seductive. Spanking and being spanked is merely one of nature’s means to a reproductive end.

    Although impossible to prove, it is quite likely that spanking began as part of an ancient fertility ritual. Realizing it also made women submissive, spanking then evolved into a form of disciplining. In time, it moved from being used on women to controlling children. If this analysis is correct, it would explain why, in a form of reverse engineering, women never get too old to spank. More interestingly, it can offer some insights into why women sometimes crave the idea of being spanked quite soundly.


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