Spanked in public

spanked in public
With my new engraved paddle in hand, I stood before about a dozen people at a Mardi Gras fetish party and explained why I was about to be spanked in public for the first time. Those gathered around gasped and then laughed when I related the story of having jalapeño oil on my hands while giving Mark a blowjob during half-time of the Super Bowl.  I also showed the crowd my new paddle which I was about to experience for the first time.

Mark wore a very short white pleated miniskirt with black panties underneath. He made me bend over the spanking bench with me behind facing the crowd. He flipped up my skirt and began whacking my pantied bottom. I was crying by swat 3, and by 6 my body was heaving. He had not told me how many I was getting, but at this point he said to me, “Four more.” One of the Doms in the crowd commented, “She’s getting off lightly,” which I definitely did not appreciate. (Afterwards I wanted to know exactly who it was, and kept an eye on him the rest of the evening, particularly when he put his sub on the St. Andrew’s Cross and whipped her unmercilessly.)

After administering the 10 swats, Mark comforted me briefly and then helped me off the bench. He then sent me to the restroom to change into my newest pair of panties: bright red with the words “spanked by Mark” on the bottom. I came back to the party and handed him my black panties. He then made me go around the room, flipping up my skirt and showing folks my new bottom “label.” The sub ladies giggled and the Doms nodded approvingly. And Mark was incredibly proud of his subbie lady!


Also, since you already are here  🙂 I put a very comprehensive How-To together, for all the people out there who want to get in domestic discipline…

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2 thoughts on “Spanked in public

  1. Under the right circumstances, a “public” spanking can be appropriate. It used to be an accepted practice among members of an extended family. In my experience, it was administered by the woman’s husband or her father in front of a married woman’s mother. Likely as not, it was a proxy spanking tacitly approved by the mother.

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