Sexy time in the shower!

While a large part of our relationship is about submitting myself to Mark these days, there are just some normal scenes of our marriage life that I will talk about here as well. Since we got into domestic discipline and submission, our sex life and marriage has gotten much better. Actually it’s really great now.

So it was last sunday. My daughter was at my mothers the morning and Mark came home early from service (he’s a Marine). He had not informed me that he would be there earlier- I would have prepared meal.

He rushed in and told me that he just wanted to get a shower. I went to a place in our house where you can see the bathroom mirror reflecting, so I watched him while he undressed. God he is so hot ❤ ! My heart really starts pumping when I see him…. he has the body of a god..

And he was always like this. His cut really makes him yummy like no one else: the V-lines trace down to my favorite parts and really pronounce his manliness. Other women often look at him like he would be a piece of meat…

But I am his. Not only do I worship him as a man- it’s also his perfect physique which makes him the perfect man. Sometimes, when he stretches on his chair, I cannot stop staring at him. His ripped body, his great ass and his hair… I could go on days talking about him.

Pretty much, when I see him, I get nervous. I want him. I’m almost always horny for him.

So back to him taking a shower.

He goes outside to get a new towel and sees me „accidentally“ hanging around there. HE walks past me and gets a towel, then stops by my side. He gets very close and looks me deep in the eye.

„Come with me- let’s shower together.“

I can’t hide that this was exactly what I thought. We hadn’t had sex this morning as he had to leave at 5am for the service.

„Yes“, I nod.

He takes my hand and I follow him into the bathroom. While he turns on the shower, I start taking off my clothes.

Come closer….

He interrupts me by telling that he wants to undress me.

„Let daddy do it“ (I call him often daddy- I’m his kitten)

I already had dropped my pants. He fumbles around the bra while holding intense eye contact. These blue eyes are so intensely =) .

I come closer and lean my head against his. To end his fight with the bra, I undo it myself.

Plop, it’s down.I only have my panties still on.

His erect D pushes his shorts up, almost bumping against me. With my right hand, I take the D out and caress it; with my left I reach behind his back and scratch his shoulders a little.

His right hand grabs my head- it’s still cold from outside and I get all kind of feelings. My nipples go up and I have goosebumps.

We start kissing. It’s more like devouring each other- his tongue is everywhere, mine too. He pushes me against the wall, breathing heavily and we enter the shower.

The temperature of the water is perfect and I don’t think anymore. I’ve lost control.

Exactly! 🙂


Do you have any thoughts? Write me a comment and I will get back at you!




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