My Guide To Domestic Discipline, Part 1

I’m rather new to domestic discipline (we started around 2012, and introduced it really in 2013) and not exactly an expert. That’s why I want to talk about the introduction of domestic discipline in our household today… it has made my life so much better :))) .


This really became so long…

  • Why I so desperately longed for domestic discipline
  • Why I’m happier than ever
  • Why no one in my real life knows about it
  • What my husband’s role is these days and how I got him on board
  • Why it has nothing to do with domestic violence
  • What it has  to do with BDSM (and why it is not exactly BDSM!)

First things first. When we got into our marriage, we had a good sex life! Mark already gave me some light slappings and he knew that I liked it rough. However, I always thought it lacked something. I felt empty sometimes and had waves of all kinds of feelings, and I really couldn’t stand them. Therefore, I got sometimes really snarky and bitchy just to deal with it. Things have changed since we introduced domestic discipline – I’m more calm, relaxed, and much less bratty. However, to get there, it took us a long route, and when researching the internet I sometimes found some rather sleazy sites. While I love being naughty and will post occasionally naughty pics ( I have his permission to do this!), it was difficult to find good resources with actual stories.

As a short reminder, this is not some sleazy internet corner blog here – I’m talking about a topic which receives a fair amount of attention (and controversy, unfortunately). A lot of explaining has to be done so that people understand Domestic Discipline is not evil. Here is a video snippet with Whoopi Goldberg in “The view”, and the topic is (Christian) Domestic Discipline.

So here comes mine. Please keep in mind that not all domestic discpline relationships are the same – for example, we only use spanking as punishment, but I know that others use corner time, bed time, and other nonviolent methods of punishment. Still, I think that my experiences can serve as a guide to implementing domestic discipline. And by the way, as of lately we’ve been adding some rougher BDSM elements =).

Why I desperately longed for domestic discipline

What took me long time to understand was that, as a woman, I want to be submissive; I like to obey and I need a stronger,  guiding power in my life. I want someone who cares for me, loves me, holds me dear, but also disciplines me and who is generally an anchor in my life.

Mark, and pretty much all the other men I meet before him, wanted an equal relationship. He really believed in the 50 / 50 share. And he never wanted to steer or guide my life, far from it. As a woman, and I’m 100% not the only one, I felt in this situation some kind of power vacuum. Nobody was leading.

This power vacuum and lack of leadership lead me to all kinds of feelings as described above: I became snarky, bratty, and so on. I regularly started arguments for the sake of getting angry. If a man just lets everything slide and doesn’t show me the borders, I lose my respect for him.

And then, one day, I heard of this book Fifty Shades of Grey. Yes I know – it sounds way too cheesy that a woman could have actually been brought by this book to a domestic discipline lifestyle, but that’s exactly what happened.


It took me maybe an hour to figure that I’m really into domestic discipline as a lifestyle, and that I want BDSM in my sex life.

I needed my husband to discipline me, to control me, to steer me. That was the void I always had- no one steered me, yet I yearned it.

As a woman, personally I don’t want to lead. I want to follow. My husband, instead, is my leader. It’s the natural order (for me). He enforces his authority over me in whatever way he sees fit.

My husbands role: men are natural leaders

I want to stress that our marriage is very consensual. My husband just doesn’t spanks me – before introducing domestic discipline in our marriage, we created a set of strict rules which I have to adhere. We also have guidelines on the resulting  punishments. This is a strictly consensual relationship and I want to remember that I introduced domestic discipline in our marriage!

My husband is supposed to be the rational one in our household. He runs the household for its greater good and is supposed to be wise. And he is. We obviously talk about „the big decisions“ and decide together. But the day-to-day business is my husband’s.  I myself am just someone who needs their leader.

I trust my husband entirely. I know he will not use his power to abuse or mistreat me- not only because I wouldn’t have said „yes“ to abuser to begin with. Instead, he does it because he loves me and our daughter. Daddy is the boss of the house! I can’t count how many times he does nice things to me and he also is very creative. He cares for us so dearly… He fulfills my dreams and is the perfect man ❤ !!

Still, I had some difficulties getting him on board. It took some time!

How I got my husband on board

First of all, only talking about this whole topic was difficult for me. I wasn’t exactly experienced and it took me already some time to figure out what I wanted. Before talking about it, I really had no idea on how he would react.

  • Would he be disappointed?
  • Would he lose respect for me?
  • Would he consider me not valuable anymore because I renounced from “modern” equality?
  • How would he react to my proposal about domestic discipline?
  • Would he take it seriously?
  • Or laugh at me?

Just the next points are the punishments. He’s such a gentleman and would certainly refuse to spank a lady. Although we already (sometimes, he grew fast into it <3) in the bedroom, he believed in true household equality.

These were the things which stood in my way and made it difficult to talk about it.

You can read more about this in the first part of the series of how we got into domestic disciplineand finally, when the actual spankings began, in the second part of the series.

Why it has nothing to do with domestic violence

People might be inclined to say: „Hey that’s domestic violence.“

It’s not! The difference between our domestic discipline and domestic violence is clear: here I am in loving submission and not in fearful submission. I want to submit myself to him as our leader, but he still wants my opinion, my ideas, and even my debate. However, he  demands me to be respectfully, without complaining or being snarky. I know for sure how he loves me and that he would never abuse, maltreat, or use violence on me. I still get spanked (because I find all kinds of reasons for him to do it <3), but he does it out of love; not out of anger or cruelty.

What it has to do with BDSM (and why it’s not exactly BDSM!)

Our marriage slowly evolved into BDSM relationship as of lately, but it’s not a typical BDSM relationship (as far as I can tell 😉 ) . BDSM relationships are not really submissive anyway, because there is a safe word to stop it. By having this, men have no real power, because they can only discipline her as long as she wants it. In our household, we have no safe word- we don’t need it.
Instead, I gave Mark a final approval for our rules. These will be followed, and if I fail to comply, punishment will ensue. Yes, I guarantee you that the first time you get spanked by your husband, you will cry and plead for him to change his mind, but he needs to maintain his position as the head of the household.

Of course, he still also slaps me during sex and it has gotten increasingly rougher over the years, but I will talk about that somewhere else :).

In one sentence: domestic discipline will allow you to experience true submission: giving yourself to your husband entirely and being in a loving relationship with him, where natural order upholds.

What are your thoughts? If you have some, please share them as comment with me ! If you want to find out more about spanking implements, which are necessary, please check this article out, too.

Also, since you already are here  🙂 I put a very comprehensive How-To together, for all the people out there who want to get in domestic discipline…

There are chapters on the lifestyle and introducing it, living life in the lifestyle, a detailed description of tools, and much more… Each chapter contains valuable tips and habits that you can apply to your life. I wrote this book because there are no such books out there (!), and … we have developed our relationship with Domestic Discipline so far, that I now consider myself as an expert 🙂

 … write me you like it !

Click here to read a detailed description, or go to Amazon and click here for more!



47 thoughts on “My Guide To Domestic Discipline, Part 1

  1. I believe that, contemporary women are in an existential trap that DD can provide the escape.

    They are told “the personal is political” and that every private activity must be evaluated against a grid of feminist rectitude.
    Women have the freedom to pursue just about any vocation they desire. Thus, they are ‘forced to be free’, and one might even say, ‘condemned’. Women do not and cannot be anything but a kind of androgynous person at work, and yet psychodynamically – perhaps even physiologically – they would be relieved let some one else lead for a while. For those women who cannot or will not assume the traditional female role full time, perhaps DD is a sustainable solution.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Thanks for your blog. I have been on a lot of sites recently that pertain to the DD lifestyle and I really find yours interesting with up to date information. I am single and always swore I’d never get married because I didn’t want the relationship like I’ve seen with so many of my friends. After reading about the DD relationships it makes so much more sense to me and makes a relationship more appealing. I have recently connected with a man who I will be, hopefully, going to for discipline. It is so hard when some one is single but still wants the benefits of the discipline. Again, thanks for your writing and it’s always nice to know I’m not alone 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      • Hi Linda, I have known many women who either get spanked or want this. I have also disciplined many women before I was married. Women often want this for reasons much deeper than pain. They are attracted by the strength of their man, by the great fulfillment in submitting and giving up control, they find something sexual about being bent over and dominated with a spanking, and they find it brings a lasting peace in a relationship and clears the air of hostilities, at least if it is done right. In fact some of the same women who would agree with what I just said would ALSO say they really don’t like pain, but want it for the other reasons. Few are pain junkies. Trust me.


  3. I’ve searched for this my entire life. I think I’ve finally found the right man and have finally interested him in this after three years. Can’t wait to try. Thanks for this website as I’ve forwarded the link to him as you explain it far better than I.


  4. How can you husband spanking you without making all that smacking racket in case you are at a motel room are something


  5. I’m so happy to find your site. When I first broached this subject with my hubby of 24 years he was quite shocked. I am in a high stress profession and definitely a type A personality; however, I was wired all the time. I needed someone I trusted to “handle me.” We are just entering into this new phase of our relationship and both of us are amazed at how it just feels right. Today, we both noted at the same time, that my hazel eyes appear green for the first time in years. Strange, I know, but they appear brown when I’m stressed or angry. I am also sleeping better and so is he. Amazing the changes we’re seeing after just a few days. I’m hopeful the good will just keep coming. Thank you for sharing yourself. It helps those of us newbies quite nicely.


  6. I really enjoyed reading your post! My husband and I are brand new to domestic discipline and I find it very helpful reading about the experiences of others. Thank you for sharing!
    ~ Nora


  7. I can understand and agree with a lot of things written here, but not the sentence “BDSM relationships are not really submissive anyway, because there is a safe word to stop it.”

    The safe word is just a tool to help prevent physical or mental harm. It allows the situation or dynamic to be temporarily suspended to discuss/react to an emergency and to do so in a way that is unambiguous (unlike screaming “No, please stop!”). It is generally not used to steer or control the situation outside of an emergency. I’d even argue that the little bit of extra safety is what makes it possible to go above and beyond what would be otherwise possible or acceptable. Because if you have no safety measures, people will tend to err on the side of caution.

    And isn’t it like that with safety measures in general? Mountain climbing got safer, but it also got more daring. There’s now less fatal accidents in motor sports, but speeds got higher and margins for error smaller. We generally push harder if we feel that we have even the tiniest bit of safety to fall back on.

    Implying that what a bottom or sub experiences is any less severe or challenging just because they have a single word that they can use in emergencies isn’t fair and couldn’t be further from the truth.


  8. Your explanation was very enlightening. Only one thing I want to mention. That video clip in three pay is not from Oprah. Oprah is not even in the video clip. It’s a talk show with that group of women called “The View”. I’m making this comment in 2018 I’m surprised no other readers pointed this out yup let you know. Maybe I’m in the minority treat watched the show. The African American woman with the glasses is Whoopi Goldberg also.

    Thanks for the other information though.


  9. Your explanation was very enlightening. Only one thing I want to mention. That video clip in the post is not from Oprah. Oprah is not even in the video clip. It’s a talk show with that group of women called “The View”. I’m making this comment in 2018 I’m surprised no other readers pointed this out yet to let you know. Maybe I’m in the minority that watches the show. The African American woman with the glasses is Whoopi Goldberg also.

    Thanks for the other information though.


  10. I am very interested in starting this kind of relationship with my husband. I know he would be into. He’s naturally dominate and I’m naturally submissive. I believe this would help a lot of the problems we have in our marriage. That said, I’m so scared to approach him with this. I don’t know why. I think bc spanking is also sexual for me. But i have a craving for the boundary and stress relief it provides. Please help me figure out how to approach him with it.


  11. I have to have that in my life that is one thing I was always lacking before I was also always snarky Bitchie find reasons just to complain lazy until we started domestic discipline…. Which has literally turned my life all the way around at a higher point of view or where im actually happy , It’s just sometimes it’s hard because at times my husband doesn’t keep his foot down and when he doesn’t it makes me feel so lost alone and sometimes even depressed where I want to cry especially if I feel like I deserve to be disciplined I have talked to him about this and he realizes that he is and then starts back on keeping his foot down but then he eases back up within a week or two … And I have to have this in my life especially with me being bipolar it’s like I cannot live any other way but this way how can I get him to not care if I want to do something or I don’t want to do something tells me to do or not to do how can I get him to keep his foot down without being disrespectful or defiant??


  12. i am submissive and read your entry with interest. I question if one is submitting by trying to get your husband “on board”. Often attempting to mold our relationship into what we desire may leave it feeling fake and awkward. I mean after all, isn’t that just controlling our spouse into controlling us. Instead, it may be helpful to consider that submitting to a spouse as he is, without even coming out and saying “I am submitting”, but focusing on you and behaving in the way you feel called to be, will in turn give your husband they reins to become the man he is to be, and not your vision? your actions will be more authentic and speak louder than any convo you can have.

    Just my thoughts xo


  13. Thank you for your guide to DD. I hope it reaches a lot of people and helps them in their marriages. You’re a very good writer, and obviously know your subject deeply. I find the curious or new couples can benefit from some advice, even if there is no formula. It helps to hear from someone experienced.

    While the categories may overlap, I find the arena of domestic discipline does the best job of expressing how discipline is used. It is usually clear in DD that this is a tool of correction in a loving marriage, and a way to help instill submission. While I have no current connection to BDSM, I used to know people involved years ago, and have read their material before. I find a lot of it is unbalanced, and places too much emphasis on mere domination or mere punishment, almost as if they are ends in themselves. It also seems to encourage the use of more extreme forms of punishment, as if the level must always be increased. For this reason I think the BDSM arena is unbalanced, and DD much better to instill what we want to instill. Naturally though, they both include some of the same practices.

    I appreciate that you don’t use a “safe word” either. I have never liked the idea, and we do not use one either. A spanking is a spanking and they are all going to hurt. My wife knows that. When the spanking really starts hurting, that is not an chance to stop, it is an opportunity for her to learn her lesson, and to accept it with a deepened submission.

    Thanks again.


  14. The comment BDSM is not submission because of a safe word is a statement I totally disagree with. Say that in a room full of real lifestylers and see what they say.
    That is very disrespectful.


  15. Do you get punished in public? My husband makes me suck my thumb as a public Punishment, when I am not allowed to speak. It does make me feel more submissive.


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