An ode to cum: the white gold

or: where does the salty-bitter taste of sperm stem from?

Personally, I really like cum. Initially my relationship with it was difficult, though. I have been brought up in a rather liberal household, but also had a very protected childhood and was defintevely a late bloomer in pretty much everything. (I was and still am really shy in front of others!)

Today I don’t want to talk about my relationship with cum (I’ll do that another day), but about cum in general and about what it actually is.

Because I really didn’t know anything about sperm until maybe 22 years! However, in the last 4 -5 years I’ve seen plenty of it 🙂

So I’ll just present some facts from this day´s research.

Typical features of cum:

  • (External) Appearance: milky, transparent-cloudy, mainly white.
  • PH value: ( (PH indicates whether it’s acidic / basic)… 7.0 -7.8 = neither acidic nor basic!
  • Odor: sweetish-spicy, evoked by the prostate
  • Taste: variable, salty-bitter to sweetish note (depends heavily on nutrition, I can tell!)
  • Average volume: 2-6 ml.

And now, Dr Constance talks science!

Don’t get any ideas.. that’s not me 😛 I am blond and tall, though!

Sperm consists of…

Cum is a combination of ripe spermatozoen and the secretions of the accessory sex glands (according to Wikipedia…). The secretions are also called seed plasm. The exact composition is as follows:

  • 0.5 % sperm (40 – 900 mln spermatozoa)
  • 95 % seed liquid

The seed plasm is composed of the following:

  • 65-75%: fructose, such as Nutrients (to liquefy + for nutrition); Prostaglandins (to stimulate the endometrium, infectious-inhibiting) from the seminal vesicles to
  • 10-30%: milky, ion-containing liquid with pH = 6.4 (slightly acidic, relevant for mobility) and white blood cells (infection by HIV) from the prostate
  • 2-5%: muco-clear fluid (pre-cum) to neutralize the chemical environment of the urinary and vaginal opening from the Cowper’s gland.
  • 3-5% Spermatozoa and testosterone which mostly stem from the testicles and epididymis.

I had no idea science can be so sexy!

What are the special features of sperm?

  • the hormones in semen have been shown in studies to influence positively the mood of sex partners ( ;)))) )
  • Sperm can contain and transmit HI or hepatitis B viruses; although the infection rate is much lower the risk should not be underestimated in comparison to a blood transfusion!
  • sperm has fluorescent properties: it is visible under UV light (yes, I watch CSI!)

Now, let’s talk real science:

What factors influence the taste of semen?

Main influencing factors are the polyamine spermine contained in sperm (and that’s genetics) and the man’s diet.

I found that fruit and vegetables combined with much water will be significantly better than  dairy and meat. ( I still love it, even though he ate way too much meat ❤ . )

I also found that Mark’s sperm tastes less good if he hasn’t had an ejaculation in a while. So, in my humble opinion, his sperm tastes much  better if he cums regularly (I make sure that this happens :p)

What are your thoughts about cum?

Write me a comment and I’ll get back at you!

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5 thoughts on “An ode to cum: the white gold

  1. If I don’t cum for a week or more, my semen smells unpleasantly fishy. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to prevent that.


  2. I have only been with 5 other men besides my long term boyfriend.

    While there is slight variations in the bitterness or flavors, of each, even from day to day, there is always the one overwhelming base.

    Thick, hot, very salty, cream.

    It is not my favorite thing, but it is not that bad. There is and I have tasted much worse.

    For me what I love is the fact that it is like a reward for the pleasure I have given him and he gives me whether by blowjob or fucking and I scoop it out of me, or he shoots it on my body and I scoop it up and eat it.

    anyways, thanks for a very informative post constance . This ranks among some of the most interesting information. 🙂

    amber xxx


  3. After being married twice and now that I’ve found my true mate, I know there is a difference in taste. My first said it was salty, my second never liked the bitter, but now my third loves the sweet taste. My diet has changed a lot over the past years. I now consume much more fruits and vegetables and cut down on red meats, starchy food and I never smoked. My alcohol consumption is low, but I am told that a day after drinking beer that it changes flavor from sweet to more bitter, same goes for when I eat red meats. So keep you diet to white meat, fruits and vegetables, stop or cut out smoking as well as drinking.


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